Hi! My name is Ulrik Lykke and you have come across my humble area of the internet. I am curious about the world, love to travel and have a weakness for anything tech related.

I have always been curious about new technology and have for as long as I can remember maintained a hobby of staying on top of emerging technology trends. Regrettably I cannot remember how, but this hobby of mine somehow made me stumble upon bitcoin sometime in 2011. My first reaction towards this new phenomenon was much like that expressed by the knowledgeable Andreas Antonopoulos in his Mastering Bitcoin, where he admittedly first dismissed bitcoin as "Nerd moneyā€¯ (Antonopoulos, 2015, p. xi).

Since my first encounter with bitcoin, I have steadily become more and more entangled in the world of crypto currencies and blockchain technology.

As for my educational background I hold a Masters in Digital Innovation and Management from the IT University of Copenhagen and a bachelor degree from Aalborg University, Denmark.

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